Vaal at ESTO

Besides the presentation of art, Vaal's goals also include the diversification of the Estonian art life through different projects. The gallery tries to support fascinating initiatives contributing to the development of art. In 2004, Vaal participated in the ESTO days in Riga with an exhibition of expatriate Estonian art, offering Estonians living elsewhere a chance to enjoy the works of their contemporaries. The exhibition featured art created abroad that has arrived back in its homeland within the last years. The selected works bore the seal of keeping Estonia and Estonian spirit alive and described the trends characteristic of our art life. The exhibition in ESTO featured, among others, the works of Eduard Ole, Eerik Haamer, Endel Kõks, Arno Vihalemm, Karin Luts, Hermann Talvik, Ants Murakin and Ruth Tulving. We wish to thank the private collectors whose help enabled us to compile this topical exhibition at such short notice.

Art camp in Köler's home farm

Vaal also organizes projects with which to contribute to the development of Estonian art and young art students. Since 2003, the gallery has organized painting camps in Johann Köler's home in Lubjasaare. The event is directed at the students of the Estonian Academy of Arts, the University of Tartu and the Tartu Art College to offer them an opportunity to develop the classical drawing technique in a location-specific environment. The camps have so far been led by the restorer Alar Nurkse.

Cultural discussions

Keeping the general art-loving public in mind, Vaal has hosted in its gallery rooms discussion nights on the issues for the art market where Jaan Toomik, Ilmar Kruusamäe and Alar Nurkse have among others shared their thoughts. Vaal is also open in the future to various cooperation offers for interesting projects and can agree with artists about the opportunity to use the gallery area.