Vaal is the first private gallery in Estonia, established in 1990. As the intermediary link between the artists and the art-loving people, we try to create an adequate and high-level image of both the Estonian contemporary and classical art.

The gallery presents art exhibitions, deals with the purchase and sale of art and organizes auctions. Vaal tries to be a filter on the diverse modern art landscape, giving an overview of the most important works of Estonian art bringing to the people the new trends in contemporary art. Vaal's rooms often display the first exhibitions of talented young artists, many art students have defended their thesis works here. Vaal has been the first step on the creative path for Jaan Toomik, Marko Mäetamm, Kaido Ole and Ene-Liis Semper, Tõnis Saadoja, Maarit Murka, Kristi Kongi among others.

In its sales activities, Vaal tries to meet the diverse expectations of the people, offering to the art lovers an opportunity to choose between works that are very different in terms of both style and time of creation. The more outstanding and rare works are presented by Vaal at the auction that takes place in every spring and autumn. The auctions have sold, for example, the works of Eduard Wiiralt, Konrad Mägi, Kristjan Raud, Nikolai Triik, Paul Burman and Villem Ormisson etc. In the autumn of 2004, the gallery also held a special project, an auction dedicated to the art of Estonian expatriates.